The bright side of Brexit: The 'great news' for Brits in France

Readers fed up with all the negative thoughts have actually asked us to try and put some positive spin on the outcome of the Brexit referendum and the economic fallout, which started even before the results was available in.It has actually not been simple; however, we've attempted viewing the bright side of Brexit for Brits in France.With the value of the pound falling certainly and promptly since Friday morning - on Tuesday it deserved around 1.20 - life in France for those Britons who rely on earnings from back home will be costlier. However, on the other side, it will certainly make journeys the home of see the family in Britain a little more affordable.Christmas shopping at Harrods never looked so great.

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French market not impacted so far by Brexit vote

The decision by the UK to leave the European Union does not appear to have dented the French real estate sector with mortgage rates still low and currency distinctions still benefit.Undoubtedly, the vote coincided with a further drop for French mortgage rates to perpetuity historic lows. These ultra-low long term fixed rates have in effect nullified the modifications in currency exchange rate for British purchasers and offer the opportunity to francepropertymagazine secure long term value, according to John Luke Busby, personal clients director at French Private Finance.He explained that a French payment home loan can now be discovered in the region of 2.15% repaired for 20 years nationally and perhaps down to 1.55% in Paris for some profiles.

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Brexit as Working Class Rebellion against Neoliberalism and Free Trade.

Class, nationalist, and ethnic elements are all associated with the Brexit vote in an intricate integration of demonstration.Press and media emphasize the nationalist and ethnic (immigrant-anti-immigrant) styles but generally prevent going over or analyzing the event from a class perspective. That point of view is essential. What Brexit represents is a proxy vote against the economic effects of Free Trade, the customs union called the European Union. Open market offers always benefit corporations and investors.Free trade is not practically items and services streams between member nations; it is a lot more about money and capital flows and what is called direct investment.

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